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MIX policies

MIX has a set of organisational policies, available for you to read at the MIX sites. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to read these documents.

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Complaints Procedure
  • House Rules
  • Consent to Release Information
  • Alcohol and Drugs on the Premises

Complaints procedure

The complaints procedure is displayed in all sites, with complaints forms available. MIX fosters open communication to ensure the empowerment of participants. We welcome open discussion of issues, problems and feedback through a variety of channels.


You have the right to view information we hold about you, by appointment.

If there are serious concerns about the safety or wellbeing of you and/or other people, staff may need to inform your contact person. It is our policy to inform you, if possible, in the instance that we contact someone on your behalf.

Statistics are collected for the government agencies who help fund the service. The numbers of people participating in activities are collected. Two identifiers are used for statistical reports.

  1. NHI (National Health Index number): We are required to include your NHI in our statistics reports for the District Health Board and Ministry of Health. This is the same number GPs, hospitals and other health services use.
  2. SWN (Social Welfare Number): To participate in the Creative Space and go on outings, we need your SWN number or name and date of birth for Ministry of Social Development statistics.

These agencies have assured us this information is only for accountability and planning of better services, and is confidential.

Information about participants is kept to a minimum and is confidential. We record the participants visit each day, who participates in each activity, and the times and nature of any one-to-one support given.

As well as the statistical information above, we only record routine information and communications, such as registration forms, referral or service access information, incident forms, special plans, and concerns related to safety, health and wellbeing, or conduct.


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