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Code of conduct

We value active participation

We are all about Connecting, Creating and Living. As a recovery-focussed service, MIX values active participation.

This means that …

  • When you are at MIX, you are involved with the programme on offer.
  • If you take part in outings, you join the group in the activities.
  • You will not be pressured to speak in groups but you will be encouraged to actively engage.
  • Your input into the successful running of MIX is welcome and necessary.
  • You have a part to play in making MIX a place where each person is treated with mutual respect and dignity.
  • We welcome your involvement in making MIX a welcoming, co-operative, creative, and safe environment.
  • We want to work with you in developing your strengths and skills.

We value people taking responsibility for their behaviour

It is important to us that everyone who attends MIX feels safe and respected.

  • We accept each other and treat each other with equality.
  • You have the right to be listened to and to listen to others.
  • If you need help, please ask for what you need.
  • Be sensitive to others in your choice of conversation topics.
  • Let someone know if you are finding anything difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Avoid teasing and jokes at another’s expense.
  • It is not acceptable to verbally attack, abuse or put down another person.
  • If you want to discuss personal issues / problems please seek out a staff member (Remember staff are here to provide brief, solution-focussed support, not counselling).
  • Try to resolve disagreements with the person/persons involved.
  • If you would like support to resolve a disagreement/conflict, please ask a staff member to assist you.
  • If you have a concern that requires privacy or discretion, please talk to staff.

We value respect

  • It is important that we treat others at MIX with respect (this includes respect for culture, values and beliefs and privacy). This relates to staff, other participants, and any other visitors or guests to MIX.
  • Physical, emotional, or verbal abuse and offensive language are not tolerated.
  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated.
  • We speak to and about others at MIX in a respectful way.
  • Dealing, seeking or using alcohol, herbal highs, and illicit drugs is not accepted at or around MIX, during MIX activities or prior to attending MIX. Medication swapping is also not okay.
  • Theft and damage to property are not acceptable.
  • Designated smoking areas must be used.
  • Resources and spaces are shared and used respectfully (this includes sharing art and craft supplies, cleaning up after yourself, not rolling cigarettes inside and taking your belongings home with you).
  • Computers and internet are used in accordance with the rules.
  • No illegal activities happen at MIX.

If a person is not following these guidelines or their actions are causing disruption, distress, or danger to others, they may be asked to leave the premises. If the actions are serious or ongoing, this may result in limitations on future attendance or suspension.

Dress code and hygiene

There is no dress code but people should wear suitable clothes for the activities they are participating in.

  • For art classes wear clothes that could take a paint spill.
  • No open-toed shoes in the bone carving room.
  • Wear suitable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities.

Please take responsibility for your own personal hygiene. This is especially important in hot summer weather. See staff if you wish to use the shower and washing machine.



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