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JonnyThere’s been a real journey for me of getting the right diagnosis. Artwork is my everyday therapy and it’s a huge part of the recovery. I’ve always been creative and studied screenprinting for 3 years at Bowerman School of Design. Now art has taken on an even deeper significance. It feels like it’s my responsibility to myself.

My textile background has inspired me to start painting fabric again and the possibilities it offers. I’d always wanted to be a fashion designer but pattern making isn’t a passion so instead I explore design with textiles differently as a storyteller.

The subjects of the work are an important part of the recovery as they explore research on mental illness.

There is still stigma around mental health and conditions like Personality Disorder's which makes it difficult too for your recovery, as you’re often fighting the belief that you are unworthy and everyone can see it. I have personally struggled with trying to not be emotionally reactive and create extra stigma. You have to learn how to create healthy boundaries whilst still having empathy.

Currently Mythomania - an abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies, is a Major theme in my work.

I find that problematic people in film are good representations of evil, lying and manipulation. Instantly people recognize the character and the attributes that go with them. Whilst in real life the signs are not so obvious

A background performing and creating posters has also influenced my aesthetic. They are striking and deliver a message.


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